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Do you not yet have a GP in Weespersluis? Become patient at the Vechtrijk Practice

Do you not yet have a GP in Weespersluis? Become a patient at the Vechtrijk Practice

The Vechtrijk Practice in Weesp opened on 1 March 2019, right next to the new Weespersluis district. General practitioner Digna Gooiker and general practitioner Joost Clemens work here. The Vechtrijk Practice is a modern general practice with long opening hours, on working days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

We work according to our professional guidelines, but also take the wishes of our patients into account. Explanation and information about medical complaints, conditions and treatments are self-evident for us. You can also contact us for minor surgical procedures and for the placement of an intrauterine device. In case your condition does not have a physical origin, we are still very happy to help solving your issue. We have a psychologist attached to our practice.

It is possible to make appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and ask questions by e-mail through our secure patient environment.

Extra care within the Regional Medical Center in Weesp
The Vechtrijk Practice has its surgery in the ‘Regionaal Medisch Centrum’ of the Tergooi Hospital, where you can also go for simple and fast diagnostics, such as blood sampling, X-rays, ultrasound and bone density measurements. Furthermore, physiotherapy, podiatry, dietician and skin care is available in the center.

Looking for a general practitioner in Weesp who has long opening hours? Everyone is busy at work and does not want to take a day off to visit his or her GP. That is why, in addition to our digital solutions to arrange your own care, our consulting hours run until 18: 00. Would you also like to join our practice? Fill in the form and become a patient at the Vechtrijk Practice.

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