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There are 1.1 million international people working, studying and living in the Netherlands. Of course, from time to time they will feel unwell or have a child with a fever. Finding out what the cause may be, whether it is necessary to consult a doctor or what they can do themselves to get better; these are some of the many health related questions internationals may have. These occur mostly in addition to the other challenges of living in a new country.

Health care information from other countries may not be helpful as Dutch healthcare practices can differ from those abroad.

Online health information 
To meet this need for reliable and ready at hand health information, the NHG (Dutch College of GP’s) and H4i (Healthcare for internationals) joined forces to make Dutch health information accessible in English.

The Dutch website, which has 5 mln visitors every month, served as base for the newly created All information is based on Dutch healthcare practices and adapted to the concerns of internationals.

The first version with most popular topics will be online until the end of 2020. During this trial, feedback will be invited from both internationals and health professionals.
Available topics on will include:

  • Information about the most common health complaints
  • Tips on what you can do yourself if you feel unwell
  • What to expect from your GP
  • How to prepare for your GP visit
  • How the Dutch healthcare system works
  • What to do if you need other medical expertise

Information is provided in a way comprehensible for non-medical readers.

How can help aims to make users feel better informed when they have a health-related question or before they make an appointment with their GP. It also offers advice as to what internationals can do themselves, as well as help prepare for a consultation with a GP and to decide whether a visit to the doctor’s is required.

After the visit to the GP, can also be used to review the doctor’s advice.

Check it out 
We invite you to have a look at, get acquainted with its set up and bookmark it for when you have a health complaint.

Your feedback on is highly appreciated to improve and expand on this initial version.
Bron: Network Healthcare for internationals