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E-health care:

Use our patientportal for 24/7 care

We have good news! Starting december 2020, you can check your own medical files online.

In your medical files, you will find:

  • your doctor’s advice
  • test results
  • a list of your chronic medication

You can check your medical files at home on your mobile phone and computer. This gives you the opprotunity to be better informed about your health status and the given doctors advice concerning your health. For example when you come to see us and discuss treatment options.

How do I log in the patientsportal?
You need to make an account once to acces your medical files. You can login with

Is your information safe?
Only you, your doctor and practice staffmembers can view your information. The practice is obliged by law to store your digital files safely.  Other people are unable to acces your files. 

Be careful about sharing your information with others
We advice you to be very careful with sharing your medical files with other people. Never share your information right away. Carefully think about it first. Share your information only with people you know and trust.

Sometimes insurance companies, your employer or local government can ask for information about your health. You are not obliged to share this. But you can share some information if you want to. Never share your complete file. Only share the necessary information. For example if you are unfit for work, you notify your employer yourself by phone call and can give him a global indication of your condition (for example ‘Ihave a broken leg’ or ‘I have a pneumonia’). The general practitioner in The Netherlands does not write sicknotes for work or insurance; that is done by occupationel health profesionals.

Are you in doubt about sharing medical information with someone else? Do not hesitate to ask us what Dutch regulations say about this. 

Your files are personal and can contain very private details. Never share your login codes with other people.

Want to learn more about your medical condition or treatment?
Do you want to check for information about your health issues on the internet? A good independent and evidence based source for all sorts of medical conditions is


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