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Information Coronavirus

People infected with COVID-19 often have:
• A fever
• Respiratory complaints such as coughing
• Common cold
• Sneezing
• Difficulty breathing.
Stay at home if you have the following symptoms:
• Nasal cold
• Runny nose
• Sneezing
• Sore throat
• Light cough
• Slight temperature (up to 38 degrees Celsius)
Stay at home, let the illness run its course and keep 1,5-meter distance to other people. Important: if you have a common cold with a fever, everyone in your household must stay at home.
Call your GP if your symptoms grow worse:
• Do you have a fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and a cough and difficulty of breathing?
• Are you over 70-years old, and have a underlying health condition or are more susceptible, AND have a fever
Important: Do not go to your GP, instead call the GP or the medical centre (huisartsenpost). If you are experiencing severe symptoms, contact a doctor immediately.

Plan of action in the practice;
As a result of the Corona virus, we are forces to adjust our working method. We follow the advice that the LHV (national general practitioners association) and the NHG (Dutch General Practitioners Association) have drawn up together with the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We do this for your and our safety.
This has the following consequences:

Patients who have respiratory complaints but do not need an assessment after triage are advised to stay at home and let their symptoms run their course.
If you are so ill that you need to be assessed, this assessment will be done  in a practice room specially equipped for this purpose. Patients unable to travel will be visited at home.
If you receive an appointment at the practice, the following applies:
You stay in the car yourself (or stand outside the post). The person who brought you (they shouldn’t have complaints) reports to the desk that they have arrived and goes back out / car after checking the telephone number. If the GP can receive the patient, they will be called and they can go directly to the consultation room. This is to prevent contamination between the waiting room patients.
It is quite possible that this policy is only valid for a short period of time. We will communicate any changes as soon as possible.
• If you need medical help, call our practice in advance. So don’t come to the practice without an appointment.
• We would also like to point out the possibility of a consultation by phone or an email consultation via your account in the patient portal.
• It is temporarily not possible to schedule appointments with us via the patient portal.


As of 1 June, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms can get tested. Testing of everyone with symptoms is essential to control the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands. Read more about COVID-19 testing and the role of RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment  . For information about testing locations and how to make an appointment, go to the information page at

The pharmacy is also forced to adjust the working method in view of the Corona virus:
• Do not come to the pharmacy with flu complaints !!

• Antibiotics (and other urgent medication) are delivered the same day.
• It may take a little longer than usual for the repeat prescriptions to be ready.
• We ask patients with respiratory complaints / fever to contact the pharmacy about delivery.
• Repeat prescriptions via pharmacy Veldsema can be collected from the machine, you will then receive a message on your 06 number when it is ready in the machine.
Phone numbers:
Veldsema pharmacy T 0294 48 03 08
Ballintijn pharmacy T 0294 490 350
Muider pharmacy T 0294 27 00 76


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